Is lead generation what im looking for?

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Hi all

Is it possible to drive specific targeted audience to a specific page on my site ?

Here's the thing :

My site will not be mainly for advertising, its purpose is for contests, but it will have a section for free advertising i.e. free members can make their profile, add portfolio, people can contact for work etc. So more or less, they will receive traffic from the site's visitors in general.

What I also thought of was to add a premium advertising section. where payed members can again make a profile , portfolio etc ... .but instead of only having traffic from the sites visitor's , too also receive more traffic from our "lead generation" service. So in other words , they will receive traffic from the visitor's (just like free members) but we also want to find a way to get our own leads and send them directly to the premium section. Hence, the premium section having more traffic and hopefully more success if we targeted specific leads.

Make sense ?

Please let me know if you require any further clarifications and my apologies for any confusions.

Thanks alot
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    Nobody knows ?
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    It makes sense to me, but it is very hard to give you any advice without more specific details. Is your site a forum, social media site or...? What is the niche? What is the target audience? Generalities are worth nothing, we need specifics to help.

    I mentor in CPA marketing, especially lead generation. PM me for info.

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    its a site for online competitions. But my question is referring to the advertising section of the site. I will have a section where people can make a profile and add their drawing portfolio's so people can contact them for help or to sell a drawing etc.

    The paid area of advertisement is a more ~prestige~ section where people will pay to make a profile just like the free area .. but we also will put the effort to drive more traffic to this section of people looking to hire someone for a design.
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    So you are going to build a platform where people will join you for traffic, and some will become member for more traffic and lead generation. The idea is good to hear, but there are some things you must tell me.
    My question to you is that what have you decided, is it only for a particular niche??? cause lead generation isn't easy like the idea itself.
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