What does 301 redirect pass?

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Background story: I was ranking well for my client's website in Google. Then it tanked due to Penguin/Panda. Upon my research, my client's relative "help" my client by backlinking. It caused a drop in my client's website. For 1-2 months I tried to recover the website but failed (the domain name is still indexed in Google, though). I assumed that this domain name is gone in terms of ranking it.

So my final solution is to ditch the old domain name, create a new domain name and recreate new content for my client.

In just 3 weeks, my client's website are now ranking in the first page.

Now, that leaves me with a question about my old domain name. I want to do a domain 301 redirect to pass the PR/DA/PA to my new domain name.

I have never done this before so I wanted to know what attributes are really passed to the new domain name when I do a 301 redirect? Is it only just the PR/DA/PA? Or more attributes are passed like penalty, etc?
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