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I own a website which gets about 500 page views a day and well over one hundred visitors a day. I've blended the ads well but Ad sense literally earns nothing. After a few weeks were looking at 6000 visitors over 10000 page views and no clicks, WTF???
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    Hard for anyone to comment without seeing the layout of your site. Niche would play a part also.

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    It's a movies website. hxxp:// I've blended the ads really well. Most of my traffic comes from blog articles. The text ad's blended into the articles have a ctr or .17% the ad's on the right column are just as bad. We're talking thousands of visitors with this low CTR, maybe it's normal I don't know. The site is brand new.
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    You might want to find another way of making money in that niche. Something like Netflix would probably give better results.
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    I guess, but with thousands of visitors nobody clicks ad's? Personally I think think people are getting more savvy when it comes to the internet and ads. I go to bloomberg or the washingtonpost and I never click the ad's. some of these major sites have ad placement similar to mine.

    As far as other networks, the site is new so I'm primarily focused on content but I do have affiliate deals with Fandango, Apple Walmart and a few others. I have been using Amazon affiliates but that does jack also. People aren't interested in buying movies online it would seem. Netflix or some other streaming may be an option.
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      How many ad units do you have ? I've only noticed one.
      Use more ad units (3 is the maximum). Also you put an Amzon ad in the side bar - replace it with ad unit. Amazon is paying pocket money.
      Your ad unit is under the fold as well - move it over the fold.
      As a general rule: more ad units over the fold -> more clicks
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    Your ad placement is a bit weird. Why put a huge image at the top instead of your ads? This is killing your CTR. If you want to put an image, put it further down in the article. As others said, your ad needs to be above the fold.

    1,574,810 unique visitors and counting. And that's just one of my websites.

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    Personally I don't like that layout as it actually took me a while to find a adsense ad.

    You want your ads to basically be in their face without them knowing so above the fold is important plus 1 at the end of the content at the very least.

    I find it's always harder to get clicks when you are not actually selling anything and the surfers aren't looking to buy.

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    Okay I'll replace the amazon ad, i did well with amazon last year and thought I might be able to get some visitors over there. I'm looking at about 400 visitors with only one clicking that top right ad. and they didn't buy anything
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    Love your domain name, but I don't love your site design. Make it look much, much more professional.
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    Originally Posted by chawk View Post

    I own a website which gets about 500 page views a day and well over one hundred visitors a day. I've blended the ads well but Ad sense literally earns nothing. After a few weeks were looking at 6000 visitors over 10000 page views and no clicks, WTF???
    Where are the traffic from? Some traffic really sucks..

    What is the CPC of the keywords you are ranking for?

    The issue of your site isn't converting haven't arise yet even if you have only one ads on your site..

    You should begin with the issues listed above...
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    Change the color of Adsense ads. You put one of the ads after the post and under the email subscription form? Why? Adsense works well but you`re killing the CTR with your positions and wrong colors. Also there are too many distractions (sidebar and also so many contextual outbound links) and no one is clicking on your ads. Also you have wrong niche for Adsense!

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    Are you sure Adsense does not pay you for a single click? According to me, you should get at least a few cents per day... Also one advice -> Go with Affiliate marketing and try selling DVD movies, books, etc. with sites like Amazon, Clickbank and boost your earnings (especially if your visitors are really targetted!)

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    Thanks for all the replies. As far as professionalism of the site I would love some suggestions. It's a content site with well over 20,000 pages. I have different template layouts whether you're viewing a star page, movie page or blog article. The blog articles get most of the traffic. I had seen a lot of blog type websites that display a lot of alternate content on the right hand side column in an effort to lower bounce rate. I've actually made huge strides in increasing my page per visit. I am close to 5 pages per visit on many days.
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    Actually the more I look around the more I realize other sites are not putting distracting other content images in the right hand column, i should only use text links in a neater format.
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    yeah i need to integrate amazon, itunes, walmart and a few others, but I just haven't been able to decide the best way to do that though.
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    if the current layout isn't working for you you should definitly change and experiment with it to seewhich approaches work best for you focus on your content as i affects how your readers react to ads in general ads above the fold work best and vary between text and display ads
    Good luck

    "To get rich, you have to be making money while you're asleep".

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    I just went to your site and clicked 3 articles. First one ad sense shows an ad for Shopify (obviously I have been looking at ecommerce platforms) 2nd one brought up an ad for a nearby concert for an artist I never heard of. 3rd one brought up four spots to click, first one for the concert again, 2nd one for $2.95 go daddy domains, 3rd one for Ralph Lauren (bought 2 shirts a month ago so that must be why) 4th one for ITT Tech. I have no idea why but for the most part Adsense wasnt showing me anything relevant on your site.

    P.S. I hope you can take constructive criticism. From my perspective I generally view Entertainment (especially movie sites) to be over the top and wow me with presentation. Yours is kind of Black and White and dull. Your content looked relevant and good I just didn't find it presented well to me.
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    Thanks for the suggestions. A lot of movie websites I felt were too cluttered so I wanted to take the plain Google approach as opposed to dark colors, tons of background images etc...

    There are many movie blogs ranking in the top 20,000 websites which look way worse than anything I've done with this site.

    When I built this site I looked at a lot of other sites that do things similar things, Techcrunch, Rotten Tomatoes, IMDB, HuffingtonPost, MovieFone and Mashable. My site design is inspired by all of these websites. already Noobmovies has about 20,000 pages of content and it grows every day.

    I've had people tell me, have it look like Apple's home page etc.... but content, news type sites are not the same thing as an apple iPhone. I'm not building a site to sell a specific product, it's a content site which will have tons of data to be displayed in many different ways.

    In a matter of just a couple of months I've gained quite a bit of traffic.
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    Another thing about the design is I built this site with the intent of making it mobile and tablet friendly. I'm a programmer for a very large company and I'm actually building their UI for their website which is a top 10k website.

    My experience led me to build a content site which can mold to a cell phone without having to require a mobile redirect, app or a lot of headache making it responsive.

    If you shrink your browser you should see the mobile view. I'm still working on it, but the fact of the matter is if I have a bunch of images, videos and glitz etc... it will be nearly impossible for a mobile user to have the same experience. Ultimately I want to provide all the content you need when it comes to movies, stars, etc... but you won't need to have an app to do it. Leaving out some of the wow in the design will enable this site to flourish on mobile devices (once I'm done).
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    You might have better conversions with something like Fandango.

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    I'm already working with them, I had a tough time trying to implement their plugins, they are big and bulky. I'll should be able to fit them in soon though.
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    I know nothing about your niche, but I suspect people visiting entertainment websites aren't really looking for something specifically so the ads displayed are pretty random.

    Niches that solve problems or help people achieve something offer Adsense ads that serve this (most of the time) so people are inclined to click ads. I'm in a fitness niche and make quite a bit with Adsense.

    This means:

    1. Still test ad placement because it may improve.

    2. Try adding other forms of monetization such as CPA.

    3. Get an absolute truckload of traffic - I think your niche requires a truckload of traffic to make okay money off of Ads and CPA offers.
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    I think you're right B2WEB I probably need 50,000 visitors a month to make some decent money with it.
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      Originally Posted by chawk View Post

      I think you're right B2WEB I probably need 50,000 visitors a month to make some decent money with it.
      50K traffic isn't much especially for such a high traffic niche (movies). That's only 1,667 unique traffic per day (average).

      IMO the problem would be an extremely low CPC average for the movie niche, even If you do manage to increase CTR on the ads.
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        I went to your site and clicked on two different links, so looked at 3 different pages and didn't notice a single adsense ad. Where are they?

        Check top 300 Google SERP results free. tracks and graphs changes for multiple domains/keywords/regions. Also includes advanced keyword density tool.

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    i think the problem come from your placement, and also text color, make it look nice, perhaps your visitors will click it
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    yupp it is the best way to earn money but actually it is not that much easy as people think about it. It fully depends upon your web traffic.
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