How do you reduce your Facebook CPC??

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What are some changes that I can make to ads to reduce the cpc? The lowest I have had is .25, but I would like to get as low at .5.
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    It depends a lot on the target market. If it's an expensive target, it's hard to get down.

    However using CPM and having an ad that achieves a high click through it a great way to reduce costs. To get that high click through, you need to experiment - you can use incentives to get people in.

    I've found the optimised CPM works pretty well (minimise cost per action). This only shows up once you set up conversion tracking.
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    There is quite a big difference in CPC depending on the country you target. Generally, US traffic cost much more than traffic from developing countries. On the other hand, there is a good reason for that - US traffic usually converts better. However, if you have a product or service which will convert well in other countries, it may be worth to target customers from these countries and compare the ROI.
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    "The lowest I have had is .25, but I would like to get as low at .5."

    .5 is significantly - by two times - higher than .25. Just use your current ads! :-D
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