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Hi. I need the opinions of the more senior Warrior members who can offer a skilled assessment of what is going on with my rankings.

My case: I am still not sure what happened but approx 3 months ago my site was hit and the ranks went through the floor with the exception of my main keyword. So, I hired an Indian SEO company and another fellow Warrior member to provide backlink services and other related services. My ranks took to the skies after 2 weeks which lasted a few days and then they dropped through the floor again. A few days later my ranks climbed again to new highs and as of yesterday I am back to square 1 - ranking #50 or worse?

Has anyone ever witnessed this? Surely if Google had penalised me I would not recover, decrease, recover etc.......

I am prepared to hire someone who can guarantee that my ranks maintain stability if his is possible.

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    Check you traffic source from where you are getting the traffic in Analytics. Once you were hit with Google penalty, it will really take a lot of time to come back. Google says very 8 around weeks, but Moz confirmed it to be 4-12 weeks. Check whether you outsourced SEO company and back links expert is driving traffic through referrals. If so, then simply ignore them and consult a spam removal expert!

    And if you are talking only about rankings, then check whether your ranking keywords are having decent searches. Sometimes we tend to optimize for low competition keywords, which might popup as soon as you make a site or content about it.

    Google sometimes doesn't penalize your complete site. If that is the case, you will get traffic from different keywords (pages) until the site is penalized completely.

    Check your analytics and webmaster keywords ranking position. You will find your answer!
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