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Google's John Mueller announced on Google+ that they will be offering website reviews on November 18th.

It is a great opportunity to have someone from Google take a look and provide feedback right on the spot.

Go here to add your site to the list.
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    Why do I feel that this will just confuse people even more.
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    For me it seems like a trap where Google is trying to catch the spammers by they themselves going and falling in to the well. I'm not complaining about genuine ones' though.

    Another way of catching bad website in the name of reviews, way to go BIG G...
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      Can't recall every learning anything much from John. He is far more out of the loop it seems that Cutts who at least once in awhile if you read between the lines you might learn something about the algo.

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    Kind of sad to see legit businesses seeing their rankings tank. Same thing happened to my software site.

    I put it down to my site being around for so long that duplicate content was the problem.
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    Would be interesting to see an actual example of such a review offered by then on a website.
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    OUR websites reviewed?

    How about reviewing THEIR site (

    Check: Approx 70% - 80% of real-estate on site above the fold is ADS.
    Check: Deliberately misleading background color for main ads block (tilt LCD screen, then you see what I mean): Extreme ToS violation, shady advertising
    Check: Irrelevant low quality results from so called "authority sites" like Wikihow, ehow, etc.

    Verdict: TOTAL FAIL. Ban for imminent due to low quality content and shady advertising. Hardly that they would know how a good site is supposed to be.

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