Any ways to help people find my site online?

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Well basically I started a site a few months ago and don't really have any traffic. I'm saving up to hire an seo professional but wonder if there's anything else that can be done to help the site appear in rankings.

I realize blogging may help search results. Not sure what else. Maybe adding more content to the product pages.

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    Online Classifieds and local listing is the best way i guess.
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    Publish SEO optimized PDFs to docstoc and scribe for killer good backlinks
    It works for us and will work for you if you use it.
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    Thanks for the info. Will look into that.
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    Some free things you can try off the top of my head:

    Make a Facebook fan page and Twitter account for your site to share your links. If you sign up for Facebook's advertising service they'll e-mail you a $50 credit in a day or two that you can use to advertise your fan page to get some free likes (or just send the traffic directly to your site if you want).

    Microsoft will give you a $50 credit for their ad network when you sign up for Bing Webmaster Tools if you haven't already.

    I've had some mild success getting traffic from setting up Tumblr blogs. Seems like using good hashtags on your posts helps a lot.

    Ditto for Pinterest. Make your own board about chocolate and pin some of your stuff.

    Synnd Lite is pretty nice for a free service for building links to help improve your search eninge rankings.

    Fast Directory Submitter is a free software for submitting your site to some web directories. The success rate pretty much sucks as most of the directories on its list are abandoned (don't expect much more than 5 listings ever getting approved) but it only takes about 10 minutes to do - Better than nothing I guess.

    Fast Blog Finder - free software to help find related blogs to comment on. Works OK.

    You can throw up some quick articles linking to your site up on Goarticles. It's auto-approval and they get indexed pretty fast.

    Submit your site to relevant directories. Maybe try finding some link exchange partners.

    Answering questions on Yahoo Answers/Answerbag/AOL Answers/etc. linking to your site as a source can help a lot. So can posting on related forums and adding a link to your site in your signature.

    Make some Hubpages/Blogspot blogs/etc to link to your site.

    Pretty easy once you get the hang of it, just concentrate on getting links.
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    Do a link prospecting. Find chocolate related blogs and websites and try to acquire links thru relationship building.

    There are paid tools you can use to do this but a google search can do the job...and it's free!

    By doing this, you can be assured of higher quality of links to support the other ways of linkbuilding mentioned by others above.
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    How do you build relationships with blogs? By writing coments on related blogs or asking a blog host about having a link on their blog, etc.?

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    Gone are the days when you hire seo professional or burn yourself by using automated tools to build links to your site.
    Now, in present scenario of post panda, penguin or hummingbird update ... the most important aspect is diversification, content and social media presence.
    In addition to that your site content, interaction, engagement and action taken by visitor place very important role in your rankings.
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    Local Listings and Classifieds are the best option to get your business reach to maximum people.
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    Social networking / bookmarking sites are good way to go.

    Amazing Offer! Get Free SEO.

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    Content is King but it's not enough, you can't blog for yourself only!! In my opinion, link building is still working today and that's what you should focus on now. Firstly, check again SEO onpage to assure there're no problems from your blog. Then start building link REGULARLY and ACCURATELY (please read more and learn more by yourself, since it will take me a whole day clarifying these 2 words). If your budget is available, buy a SEO package on Warrior forum or Seoclerk (please do some research), then analyse their list building strategy (if it work, of course). Good luck!
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    Thanks ! I guess social sites can really play a rule nowdays too. Will look into these suggestions.
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    You should bookmark your site in social bookmarking websites and also submit your website in web directories. Here is a High PR Web Directory and you can submit your website in it.

    Leading Link Directory | Free Link Directory | Directory Submission
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