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I need some help please.

This seo company has been doing adwords for our website for some time.

We have been able to check the paid traffic stats via our own analytics account.

Recently I decided to setup my own adwords account just to test things/save money etc This new adwords campaign is producing Ads to the same website as the seo company is doing. (both with different ads though).

So I have 2 adwords accounts for the same exact website. One we control, the other a seo company controls.

Since making this 2nd adwords account, when visiting analytics, the paid traffic stats have stopped showing visitors to our website. (it only shows 0 visitors)

What can I do to fix this problem?
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        No traffic being sent to your site is un related to the fact that you opened another account.

        One reason I could think of is they picked both accounts belong to the same website and hence put the first account under review which will last for couple days.

        Btw, your idea of testing with another account won't work in this case because google showns only one ad per website at a time and the one with better stats will always win means the first one.

        If you want to stop paying for the fees you can talk to your provider. We also manage accounts and if someone feel like they can handle stuff on their own now, we happiliy hand over everything. You are paying for it and you owns the account. I am surprised to see you don't have even read only access.
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    Thanks afg,

    The seo company said traffic hasnt stopped on their end, its just an;aytics showing 0 traffic all of a sudden.

    The new adwords account does show clicks in the adwords stats section inside keyword planner.
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      If I am not mistaken, you can only link 1 Adwords account per analytics account. So, pause one of the Adwords account and see if it starts displaying the traffic again. There seems to be conflict somewhere.

      One thing, I would suggest to check as well, is the auto tagging on in Adwords? It's under My Account>Preferences>Tracking in Adwords. I'm sure it is, but just wanted to suggest it to you, just in case.
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    I dont know whats going on. The seo company insists that adwords is working.

    I have paused the new campaign I did to see if analytics starts showing paid visitors again.
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    I guess you linked your new adwords account with your Analytics account and old adwords account was unlinked. Check organic search traffic if it increased, now unlinked adwords account traffic should be there.

    Btw, you can not have 2 adwords accounts for the same website at the same time, you can be suspended.
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