Can't Get Bing To Track My Opt-Ins

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My developer has been trying to insert a Bing Tracking code into my simple HTML website. One code for example is to track the number of Opt-In’s. There is a simple Opt-In box built into home page.

I think the developer has said that for this code to be working fine they need to add a code as currently it’s not calling in ajax or jquery or something. Haven’t a clue what this means...

Has anyone else ever experienced any problems with these codes especially when trying to track the number of Opt-In’s? The guy at Bing has said that these codes normally just work when they are inserted so I am confused by all this....:confused:

Do you have any idea about this?

I can’t really continue with Bing PPC if I cannot track my conversions. Or is there another way I can track conversions without relying on Bing’s conversion codes?

Thanks if you can help....
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