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Hey everyone!

I have read so much on this forum and for the most part i have learnt so so much.

I am new to PPC. My business is struggling so i am preparing to launch a PPC campaign to try and get my business on track. The big boys with their imported stuff from China have completely killed me off. If only people knew the quality, anyway sorry for rambling on.

How do i research what is being searched for in my line of business. For example if my business was kitchens how do i find out what people are searching for related to my product or service?

There are many keyword tools out there but are they worth it? I know what people recommend but do they work?

Im based in the UK if that makes any difference to my question.

I would really appreciate any help.
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    You only need google Adwords,it's free ,to search the volum in your particular niche

    Market Samurai is another great tool but it's a paid software,so for your need,I recommend you to just use google adword tool.

    Google Adwords Keyword Tool

    for this you need a free google account...hope this of luck

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      Thanks very much.

      Why are there so many tools out there offering the same sort of thing but some actually charge loads per month to use. Am i missing something?

      Surely if the free tool did the job why are people buying paid versions?
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    you are welcome.

    They also extract the results from google Adwords like you and then refine that data into more valuable data by using some techniques/queries,so you don't necessary to get that software to get success but might be in the future,you might need them but as a beginner Adwords is enough for you....hope that helps
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    Be aware that PPC is not something you can learn overnight. The less experienced you are, the larger of a budget you need to be successful I'd say, just because you will throw money away at keywords that go nowhere and make technical mistakes. Have you considered a PPC agency?

    If you want to go for it yourself and you have the money for it, you might want to consider a tool like Search Marketing Research & Tracking | SpyFu SEM Tools to find out what keywords the competition is buying. You can type in any domain and if they have it in their database, you can see the ad & keyword history. There are other tools like this out there, I only mention SpyFu because I have tried it and because they not only do the US but also the UK.

    Feel free to PM me specific questions, I can give you some pointers if you let me know what specific product(s) you deal in.

    I mentor in CPA marketing, especially lead generation. PM me for info.

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      i run profitable campaigns in Google Adwords , Youtube Display and Facebook Newsfeed Ads..

      There is a learning curve surely but most local businesses dont know how to structure a proper highly converting landing page anyway so learn that together with learning ppc and you will be ahead of your competition.

      Hit me up if you need advice.
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    PPC and Adwords are both good ways to start, you should do complete analysis of the keywords, once you find what people are looking for things will get easier for you.
    I suggest you use google or keyword discovery tool
    Good Luck.
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    Hey mate,

    If you intend to do keyword research I would look at using a Tool like iSpionage or KeywordSpy, I also run things to the UK and find that iSpionage tends to have more data for that Geo.

    before you start running a campaign you firstly need to learn how to correctly do PPC/Content/Display advertising.

    I would ignore trying to use an Agency especially when first starting out, as you need to understand at very least the fundamentals of marketing in your space, such as imagery needed, landing page look, best ads, top keywords etc.

    Before you go into starting a Marketing campaign I would look into seeing if I could list my product on the top product selling marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, Etsy and Sears also I would look into setting up my products on the top 2 product price comparison websites for the UK these should be give or take PriceRunner, Kelkoo,, ShopZilla.

    Reason I suggest doing this is because it is simpler to use than learning Paid Traffic, will get brand awareness of your products, which will help on your Paid Campaigns later, plus may even get you a few extra sales in the process.

    Essentially what I am saying is there is alternatives for getting more customers instead of going into Search Engine or Display Traffic, especially if you have no knowledge and a small budget.

    *Even if you do nothing at least try and change your landing pages where your traffic lands to increase your conversion rates.

    For more help on how to get things done correctly for ecommerce sites check out CPC Strategy - Your Comparison Shopping Management Solution or PM me.

    Hope this helps, and good luck.

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