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Hi guys,

In the past I made a killing with micro niche sites using the amazon affiliate program. Those were good times...

Then about a year ago everything changed... The google penguin update changed everything and everyone seemed to move on from the amazon affiliate program and micro niche sites...

I'm int he guitar niche with my primary site, I also have a very successful youtube channel. I've never been able to pair both my guitar niche site and youtube with amazon affiliate properly, never made a whole lot of money with them together.

This is what I've been doing:

-advertising products in my videos that I'm using
-give a list to my email list subscribers of products I use
-recommending products throug my Ebook

Sales are literally 1-5$ / mo... No bueno

Does anyone have any idea how I could make the most of the amazon affiliate program and my niche, I feel like I'm missing out here.

Thanks guys!

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    Do you have decent traffic? Is it organic search traffic or something else? Are you writing a review page for each product? I'm assuming your targeting products that closely relate to your site.

    I personally, would build a new page for each product I reviewed and seo it. Also, get social networking working in your favor. If that doesn't help, may look at what you are trying to sell.

    Doing what everyone else is doing? You'll get the same results... 97% fail. Are you a sheep or a wolf? My team and I are changing the game. It's not as hard to make it online as you might think. Let's connect and see if we can help you.

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      Thanks for the response there larry.

      When you SEO each review page, what exactly does that entail for you now? Back in the day I would go on fiverr and buy a gig for digg, stumbleupon, and all those social bookmarks that are non existent today and hope for the best along with posting a link to my twitter and facebook. I have a feeling that it's changed a ton from a year ago. Would you recommend anything in particular?


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