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Hi Everyone,

I met with a client of mine last week, a local law firm, and they asked us to put together a short and long-term SEO strategy. Does anyone have a template that they use, or can anyone recommend a template that is out there? We monitor keyword rankings on a regular basis, and provide them with Google Analytics reports, but I think they're looking for something that will set the expectations and goals. I found a few things after searching on Google, but does anyone have any recommendations of a template that they've used personally?
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    i have my own idea o doing seo nowadays. It works very well with very few links. But the on page seo should be done perfect.

    If you creat an page with url : with proper content on it , some social signals . You can build links without any anchor and you will skyrocket in Serps.

    Even with new sites, or i might say better with new websites. It is a little bit more complicated than this but you got an idea . Avoid the anchored links and everything is cool!
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      Right, yeah I wasn't really looking for SEO advice, I was looking for a pre-made SEO strategy template that I could fill in the blanks and send to clients. (Months 1-3 focus on ____, etc.)
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    I'd also be interested in this. Because I am SEO-lazy
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    Have you asked the client what they want?

    What's the clients goals?
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  • I want in on this too if you find one.
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