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I don't know about you but I can't live without finding new PPC sources. Have tried many for many purposes. Would you like to share your best PPC sources except adword, bing and yahoo for 2013-1014. I am looking for new ones to use my budget. I just left DirectCPV, adclickmedia, Jema media etc. Now looking for new ones if you can share.
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    Hello all,

    I'm wondering which ppc engines are the best apart from AdWords and Bing?

    I used to work with many of them 7 years ago... but things changes...

    I ask because I want to promote affiliate products... like I used to do, but in a different niche...


    P.S. Any of them allow direct linking?
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      You can take a look at 7search. I would recommend a Landing Page instead of direct linking,though.
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      Yes, 7search allows affiliate links. However, I suggest you to create a landing page.
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      What's the next best thing for PPC besides Google and Bing?
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        I would have to say Facebook is a major player with ppc now. Other than that you may check out 7search.

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          Originally Posted by LarryHaywood View Post

          I would have to say Facebook is a major player with ppc now. Other than that you may check out 7search.
          Agreed on FB. Never used 7search but will have to try that some time.
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        I agree Facebook is the next player...

        After that it is smaller networks like ours Home most networks server a few million ad impressions a month across many publishers. We have been fortunate enough to have over 54 million in impression inventory so we are doing well.

        I always recommend that you spread your campaign out around a few networks to increase your reach.

        The benefit of smaller networks is generally a lower CPC Bid, ours is currently around 0.30 across the board for our categories.
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        I would love to hear how people are running profitably using 7search. I have the hang of other major networks but my efforts have been dry. Any pointers? I don't even know the quality of the traffic...
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        Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, etc.
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        i never made any money with 7search.
        maybe others do, but for me there were no results.....
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        Facebook can be called as a major player after Google and bing
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        As many marketers are now badly affected by search engines, specially google, social media is doing great job, facebook is best example of it.
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        Facebook for sure. The targeted traffic you can get from them is amazing. Just spend time setting up your campaign. I also recommend the facebook expert application/advanced (not sure what they call it) but its the more advanced one. You can target by emails and phone numbers with it.
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        Google, Bing, 7search, Facebook, Yahoo, pof ads, stumbleupon, etc...

        P.S. I have made sales off 7search not groundbreaking sales but I always break even at worst or make money with the majority of the campaigns that I run.
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        Thanks guys for explaining about 7search. I would like to hear more about 7 search Ad Campaign.
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        I have never heard of 7search before, can other people chime in on this? I'll do some research on it as well right now.
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        you can take this or leave it. I heard that Facebook ads is only good for diets or dating services. however I've used Facebook for other things and seems to work for me

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      What PPC program (AdWords, Facebook, Yahoo, etc.) have you used that got the most targeted traffic and most sales? Also would a subdomain website work for PPC programs (like Thanks,

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    What is the best PPC and PPV networks for paid advertising, which will do good for a one page review site of a popular weight loss product? looking to test and get a fast ROI, so need a lot of Targeted traffic and conversions.

    Or if there is someone out there that has a better idea for paid advertising, let me know! also interested in media buys.

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        Originally Posted by markjames2015 View Post

        I have used various PPC networds apart from adwords the best are

        Bing ( low but targeted traffic, low cpc)
        Getawab advertising ( medium traffic but conversion rate is good, direct affiliate also accepted)
        facebook ads ( traffic best for increasing visitors not sales.)
        7search ( medium quality traffic best for sign ups offers )

        Hope this helps
        what is Getawab advertising?? please explain
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    why did you leave
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      what was wrong with adclickmedia and jema?
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