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Hi guys,

I see a lot of SEO networks products these days, where you can your articles published on supposedly high quality blogs and so on. The problem is I want a German website to rank high in Google.

1. Does it make sense to subscribe to something like myarticlenetwork or other products or will I fail to get results since Google notices that my German article does not fit to the rest?

2. Do you know of any similar German networks?

3. When using anchortext is it better to use the plural or singular of word in order to rank high for both? Does it make any difference at all?

Thanks in advance.

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  • You have to ask this in a german forum. Like Abakus SEO Forum. Here probably no one will know. Some people report good results with foreign links. As long as the majority of links are from Sites in german language. I don´t think there is something like myarticlenetwork in Germany. I ´ve never heard of something like this.
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