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I have a domain name that is penalized by Google. The site and its pages are still indexed, however the traffic that I used to get from Google has been drastically reduced. I am sure about the penalty as they have contacted me through the Webmaster tool.

I have applied for reconsideration - however they have pointed to a set of links that is almost impossible to remove.

Under these circumstances - I have bought a .org version of the same domain (bought to replace and I want to redirect the original .com domain to the new one so as to transfer any residual traffic to the new domain. A 301 redirect will be bad as I do not want to retain any of the previous backlinks with the .com. I have rather decided to use a 302 redirect as that will not transfer the links or authority - just traffic. Can the 302 redirect have any negative effect?

Is this the right approach? Can you suggest me something better?

n.b. The brand name is important to me, and I will keep owning both the .com and .org over the long term. I also want to redirect all future traffic to the .com domain to the .org one. The .org will be the permanent from now on.
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    bump - need some help.

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    If you can't get the links removed by contacted the site owners a couple of times, asking to remove them. Why don't you use the disavow links tool instead?
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      Redirecting will just point the penalty site to new site, and that will more than likely pass the penalty that you originally received.

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    IMO it will not be a good idea to redirect a penalized domain to a new domain no matter what kind of redirection you implement.
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    Why don't you just work on trying to remove the links and document it like Google wants? Google knows you can't get all the links romoved. Nobody can do that. So how in the world are they removing their penalties than? By showing Google that you have tried via the reconsideration request process.

    Manual penalties are easier to clean up than algo penalties, so why aren't you trying by removing links and documenting the process?
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