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I am posting this thread because i have some doubts aboyt.

I know thats always better to having a landing page to target in a ppc campaign since we can have an higher conversion rate and consequently increase the ppc quality score.

This works well for a specific product, but in our case we are going to promote a website with about 30 services and my issue is about what will i speak about since there are too many services to offer.

Or its more advisable to target the homepage instead?

Thanks in advance.
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    My best idea is to promote a RANDOM product/service... There are a lot of scripts that can do this... Also, you can tell that with F5, your visitors can read about another product/service!

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    The way we do is is set up 1 landing page for every 5 products (make sure they are relevant and related), then we have our PPC adgroups matching keywords and displayed URL to improve the quality score, then finally we make sure we are running exitintel offers on each landing page to capture as many leads as possible (lowers bounce rate also)

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    You should try to focus on one thing at a time.

    1. Select your highest ROI Services (2-3)
    2. Build out a few quality pages with specific content to each services.
    3. Focus money on advertising or seo around those 2-3 services

    Don't dilute your marketing budget - start a strong foundation and grow your site overtime. Websites are meant to evolve and grow, google likes this.

    Good Luck!
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    You should be using a different landing page for each adgroup, and then split-testing each landing page.

    So, if you have 30 services, then you will need 30 adgroups, 30 landing pages, and then at least one extra landing page variant for testing purposes.

    This way, you increase your conversion rates, your quality score and your visitor experience.

    I hope this helps.
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    You need to have a specific landing page for each product and service. You couldn't possibly hope to offer everything to all people from 1 site.
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    30 services on your landing pages are just way too many and will have the potential customer just confused. You definitely need to cut it down to 1-5. The more specific the better!
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