Why Google displays mostly old posts?

by bwh1
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I wonder if someone knows the answer.

For most searches I get on top posts from 2010, 2011 - hardly anything which was posted recently.

For many questions, those answers are outdated and you have to dig deeper to find some which really helps.

Are Google Algo's doing this on purpose to make us use AdWords or what would be the logic behind this (if there is any logic at all in the Algo)?

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    And if you go post in one of those topics, most forum owners get mad that you're bumping such an old post.
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    Are you referring to blog posts or forum posts.

    A reason why old posts are showing first is because the old posts are more relative to the questions being asked
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      Originally Posted by aaaa33030 View Post

      Are you referring to blog posts or forum posts.

      A reason why old posts are showing first is because the old posts are more relative to the questions being asked
      It's Yahoo Answers, eHow, Ask, Blog and Forum posts and YT videos. All what appears are old content and it has NOTHING to do with relevance at all, it's mostly title related.

      Sometimes I get results at first page and when I click at the link I get an 404 error page saying that the content is not anymore available.

      Funny is that the slap of article directories like GoArticles and EA, and also Squidoo and Hubpages etc. is remaining. Those hardly appear anymore in the serps. After most IM'ers stopped to publish articles by the masses, those would definitely should get back into the results.

      I mean, while those changes in the G Algo is going on for over a year now the results actually got worse, is NOT a improvement at all in quality.

      Among Authority sites, the ONLY thing which is on top of those results are Google Hangouts IF keyword optimized.

      What a shame for the multi-billion dollar monster Google which must spend a small fortune in manpower to screw us with ongoing Algo updates.

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    I have noticed the same thing. Google would be better served to post the current posts obviously. That is a definite glitch in their system.

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    Maybe those older posts are more relevant to the search query...
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    I have noticed this too and when you have a post dated two or more years in the past its a real issue simply because if you are looking for community interaction your out of luck.

    While the title may have some search value the content is often not a match at all.

    Seems like a big problem for google, I think there will be another update soon.
    "Everything goes where attention flows..."
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    Yes, pain in the arse isn't it?

    They have tweaked the algo so much its got very bad.

    One thing that can help is to add '2013' to the end of all your search queries.

    obviously a bit later in the year you would change that to 2014.

    If you don't need to use Google use Bing.

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    How is your stuff ranking? Mine is getting indexed right away, and on page one of the Googles...

    I provide consulting for companies that use Adobe AEM...you can check out what I've done so far.

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    It's funny I noticed this very thing today when looking for something.

    I was looking for some free tools and results were all from 2010-2011 for articles like "Top Ten blah Tools" or "Best Free blah Tools". Most links in the outdated articles were also outdated and went to expired domains and 404 error's.

    You would think that other 'SEO' benefits these pages have gained over time would be lost when Google sees they are linking out to expired domains and missing pages.

    These problems were predicted by many when Google started rolling out very aggressive algorithms to target marketers while favouring big money partners and AdWords traffic.

    The algorithms have not stopped junk from getting to the top and make it more difficult for legitimate voices to be heard.

    My thought is some of these could be good keywords to target.

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    The older the page, the more likely it is to have a backlink profile to rank it. Just a thought.
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    In my Opinion Google displays most relevant page whether its new or old! older pages got more chances for higher ranking because post got more back links; social media shares and got higher page authority as comparable to newly made pages!
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