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I am running a blog and getting 100 unique visit per day, but no is filling the sign up form. please share if any one have any idea, how to improve the conversion rate or what other thing i can add in my blog that help into conversion.
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    Maybe you should post your blog's url to help us help you.

    Anyway, out of my mind:
    - did you actually sign up yourself and see if the process was working?
    - no one is signing up or no one is confirming (if the sign up requires a confirmation click)
    - there are various Wordpress plugins that help you A/B test your optin forms... like OptinSkin for example....
    - where is the signup form? is it a pop up? Is it on a sidebar? Do you offer any incentive to sign up?

    Good luck
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    The idea was when you're having targeted traffic, you would had someone signed up.

    I have create a mini niche site no long ago, maybe 1 month ago, having said that the ranking take maybe around a week or two to see improvement. I get a total of 8 opt-in, and 4 of them are active.

    So if their idea is to have a Pizza Delivery, you shouldn't point them, "How to make pizza dough", instead you should get it "Pizza Coupon", "Nearest Pizza Store"... Etc

    This would definately increase your conversion rate.
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    As nicolasodc said you can't make any suggestions without seeing the site. If you're just looking for tips on conversion rate optimization see Visual Website Optimizer's blog and KISSmetrics' blog.
    Links in signature will not help your SEO. Not on this site, and not on any other forum.
    Who told me this? An ex Google web spam engineer.

    What's your excuse?
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    Hi Anoop,
    I also advise you to read hubspot guide on "user personas". They have explain the landing page & visitor concept in it. I think its really helpful for you.
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    Asking for conversion optimization without giving the URL is like asking how to improve a woman's dress by stating it's black, and above the knees.
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    You can start an A/B split testing process using Google Analytics go to Behavious/Experiments and there you will see the tutorial for the A/B split testing.
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    Is your signup page in Homepage if not then.......Show it on the homepage and you’re all done!
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    You will need to go back and re-analyze your website. The following are the things you should be checking:

    *Check your keywords are see if these are the keywords that can convert traffic to sales. It is best that you prioritize keywords that have the buyer intent, emergency keywords, product keywords, author names (if it applies).
    *Re-analyze your pages and see which ones get the most traffic and which ones don't. It is also essential to compare these pages in all aspect- like what kind of content it offers, is the page optimize, what are the keyword/s used, and so on
    *It is also good if you look at your Google Webmaster Tool for more information like error pages on your site, your traffic stat, and so on. Always check this if you think traffic is not converting well. You will see here very essential information on how you can improve your pages.
    *Always do split tests. This will make a lot of difference in terms on conversion.
    *Also, make sure that you have a very good content with 'call to action' at the last part.

    I hope that makes sense

    You may also read this short, helpful blog here for more advice on traffic conversion: Make Traffic Count - How To Convert Traffic Into Sales | Affilorama
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    Well, I have a solution for you but firstly check your bounce rate if is less or there's no bounce rate then show only 30% of the content to user and ask ask them to sign up if they need to see the whole content. That's it this small trick may work out with many people but you have to do this cautiously as negative effects of it can't be ignored !! If it worked out .. then big cheers....
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    Is there a CLEAR call to action on your blog and in the sidebar for them to sign up? Are you providing something of value in exchange for their email address ie a solution to their burning problem? This means that your offer has to be HIGHLY relevant to your visitors.

    Finally, are you getting the right TYPE of traffic ie your ideal prospects to your site?

    If you can answer yes to all these questions then you will naturally get a good optin rate.

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