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What do you think is better for someone with a brand domain since 2007, some good backlinks but a lot of directory ones and plenty which the directory apparently has not way to contact.

Let's say some key words average around page 5-10 rather do you think disavowing most of the backlinks then starting a new seo campaign (focused on high quality backlinks) could help?

Some people have said the domain age could help which makes me reluctant to just change it. We have disavowed a fair amount of links but I think it needs more - I found a seo tool recently that points out suspect links I think maybe I'll spend a few days or something going through all the links and getting them all disavowed.

Question is if it could end up being worth it.

Anyone in this situation before?

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    I would do both. Create a new site while you try to recover the old one. Worst case, you get the new one ranked. Best case, you get the new one ranked, and the old one recovers. Now you own more of the real estate on page one of Google.
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    Work on removing your links before disavowing, if you aren't willing to do that then just forget about that domain.

    Disavowing links doesn't work at all.

    P.S. - I'll take the domain if you don't plan on doing anything with it, recovering from a loss in rankings is easier than starting over.
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    Ya that's what I'm doing - there are some sites though that don't have a way contacting them, ignore and some also ask for 5-15 dollars to remove a link. I don't mind paying a little but some that charge a lot are a little shady. I imagine if you get rid of a decent percntage then the disavow tool can have an effect. I'm pretty sure Matt Cuts even said if someone asks for money to remove a link it is better to disavow.
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