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Hi guys,

what do you think about submiting your site to the Yahoo directory? Is it worth $300 per year? Does it improve your position on Yahoo? I know that just a couple of years ago Google even recommended submiting your site to that directory.
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    I don't think it's worth THAT much.
    You can get a much better link for $300 / year.
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    $300 a year is not worth at all for you're not an owner of a company.
    So your idea was to get ranking on Yahoo?

    Simply advertise with Yahoo, that's your right choice my friend.
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    I also thought it is a bit too much. I would rather spend $300 on AdWords.
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      You could try to figure out where your link ends up on, if it's a PR5 page with few other links then it can be worth the $300,-/year on rent.
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    No - it's not worth it. It's not worth paying for links anymore - especially poor ones!
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      I've wondered the same thing. I used to be of the opinion of others in this forum, but then one of my competitors kindly showed me the power of a link from a reputable, paid directory (no I won't share which one, it wasn't Yahoos).

      $300 is a lot for a link for a year, especially when you consider that $300 could buy you a pretty nice expired domain. The people that say this is not worth it though, I wonder if they take into account the time it takes to find a good link. When working for a client, I aim for $40/hr. Could I find a top-tier link in a day and secure it for free? Yes, I could. It's also worth it for me to pay more for links that only take 5 min, though.

      Finally, before purchasing the link I would look at what sites are listed, how they are ranking, what other links they have and who the directory is marketed to.
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    No not at all. Spend that money on outsourcing some good content.
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