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Hello Guys ,
I am looking for a guide or ebook where i can learn basics and strategies of PPC marketing .

Can anyone help
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    Just my opinion. If your looking for a PPC book, go to Amazon & look for an author with a 2014 book (up to date) & the author has a long history of well selling PPC books. That way you won't be getting junk ebooks/books from 2003.
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    Originally Posted by AffiliateWaves View Post

    Hello Guys ,
    I am looking for a guide or ebook where i can learn basics and strategies of PPC marketing .

    Can anyone help
    Hello, AffiliateWaves.

    Here are some resources to help you:

    1. A basic guide to building successful AdWords campaigns (from Google themselves): http://static.googleusercontent.com/...ep_by_step.pdf

    2. Google is not "anti-affiliate" as commonly thought, but since you'll likely want to promote sites as an affiliate marketer, there are specific "landmines" you'll want to be aware of and avoid, to minimize the risk of account suspension. (But even if it happens, you can usually get unsuspended by jumping through their hoops.)

    Check out some of Google's affiliate advertising policies here:
    and here:

    Marty Foley ~ ConvertMoreTraffic.Com
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    Not sure about an ebook but I have a 7 step guide on my blog in my sig,
    Check it out if you want!

    Good luck
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      Hi AffiliateWaves,

      PPC advertising is highly competitive and it generally requires a good deal of knowledge and experience to be successful in a lucrative niche. While there are many ebooks on the topic and most will help you to get started, perhaps the best primer you could use to get started are the resource provided by AdWords.

      I always recommend that new users begin with the fundamentals, as all advanced strategies and tactics rely upon your thorough knowledge and understanding of the basics. So, with that in mind, start here:


      The guides, tips and training provided by Adwords are all spot on and do not waste your time with unimportant details.

      That will keep you busy learning for the next several weeks, and you will likely need to review it many times during the first 6 months of your knowledge quest.

      Once you have mastered the basics, you will be well positioned to learn and apply more advanced techniques and strategies. Without the basics your application of advance tactics stand little chance of success. Also, the thorough understanding of the basics will aide you in identifying information in an ebook that can be truly helpful, and what is total rubbish.
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