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Hi Guys

I think this is an SEO question rather than WP, so hope I'm posting in the right place....

As we all know, one of the best ways to get traffic on a site is to create lots of pages of content. I noticed that many web dev sites will have a page based around a local keyword, and then simply hide that page from the menu/navigation bar.

However, would it be better from an SEO point of view to do posts instead of hidden pages? I'm wondering if posts get lost after a while from an SEO point of view where as pages seem more permanent?

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    I feel, It depends upon the user experience. I mean if a visitor get valuable experience while visiting to your post or page then your post or page is more likely to rank higher for longer period. However posts have higher chances to rank better, as posts contain latest update and information than normal pages.
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      SEO wise there's no difference at all between pages and posts.
      If you want to rank for something that you don't want visitors to find too easily then either would work, but a page will be easier to "hide" than a post simply because a post has more ways to access it.

      User xperience does factor in to rankings in bounce rate, time on page and so on, but whether the content is contained on a page or in a post is irrelevant.
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    Kill the post.

    Long live the page.
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    Post (article) often get higher rankings than pages on search engines, but if you make SEO on page good for pages then it will get the same.
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    i experienced post are more suitable then pages but what actually matters is your contents relevance.
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    There doesn't seem to be much difference for low-competition keywords at least. You can have a posts rank for extensive periods of time.

    If you're targeting keyword that's really popular and perhaps even newsworthy in some way, I guess it'd make sense to write blog posts rather than create a page. It seems that some new articles get a "boost" in Google for a while.
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    It makes zero difference. All that matters is how you link them. You can make a post or a page easily accessible, or they are just as easy to hide.

    In the end, they are just HTML to the search engines.
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