Here's how to swap out ranked pages on Google SERPs

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I overhauled one of my sites, made it a shopping cart. Some pages got shuffled around on my site, re-purposed for new keywords, etc...

My home page was ranked #2 for a popular niche keyword. While reorganizing the site I temporarily dropped the old keyword & targeted a new keyword.

After I got the site halfway reorganized I decided to rank an internal page for the old keyword, the internal page includes a self hosted video, the home page didn't have a video when it was ranked.

I removed all traces of the original keyword from the home page except for a single keyword anchor-text link pointing to my new internal page with a video. I included the new home page keyword in my new internal page <title> plus the old keyword in the same page <title>. This helped connect the 2 pages.

Example page <title> on new internal page:
  • <title>[new home page keyword] - [old home page keyword]</title>

Next I dug up 5 old PR3 internal links & repeated the same keyword anchor-text (only old keyword) links pointing at the new internal page.

The new page is currently at position #4 with a video thumbnail image, where the original ranked page (home page) didn't have a video thumbnail image attached. I figure I'll be at position #2 within a week after Google finds the 5 new internal links. My main site is sitting at position #1 in Google SERPs (been there for a few years (solid)).

Anyways, If you ever need to swap out ranked pages that's an easy way to get it done. Obviously it's risky messing with ranked pages but this site is so established for most relevant keywords I knew I could at least get my home page ranked again If needed.
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