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I am going to use Bing Ads to promote my Teespring t-shirt. Do you think I can sell t-shirt with Bing Ads ?

Thank you very much !
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    I doubt you'll sell anything without trying.
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    Advertising means to attract customers, either it could be through Google or Bing or by any other means. So go ahead and try.
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    Year after year I have had the best conversion rate with Bing and Yahoo vs. Google. Furthermore, the cost per click has gone up significantly with Google in contrast to Bing.
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      yes you can sell quite easily with bing, here are a few tips:

      use phrase match
      exact match
      or broad match modifiers only when setting up your campaign

      go for keywords like this

      in example if you are promoting denver broncos hoodie

      this would be my keyword

      denver broncos + hoodie

      now you may or may not have enough traffic for this keyword in bing search.

      so if you set up 20 -30 campaigns exactly using this method in different niches I am sure you can find a winner.

      good luck

      also I personally never use the partner networks in the settings, and only choose bing and yahoo owned and operated for better quality traffic but you will need to test both
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    I had created campaign about valentine keywords but they don't get enough traffic. And I haven't used broad match modifiers, so I will try with it.

    Thank you all !
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