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I have a keyword question.

I've been a writer for a while. When I write for clients, they always provide me with keywords. I know how to write a keyword optimized article that Google loves.

However, now that I'm writing content for myself, I realize I know nothing about how to find my own keywords. I've gone to all the recommended sites, but here's the thing; all they do is show you your keyword plus other words around it.

That doesn't help you if the keyword you're searching on isn't a good keyword in the first place.

Is there a keyword tool that suggests better keywords, ie: synonyms, or related words in case you pick a horrible keyword to search?
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    Hi sadiecopywriter,

    Have you tried the Google Keyword Tools? You just have to enter your business information (what you do, where you are located, etc.). It will then show you a list of keywords related to your business.

    Use that list. Pick a few keywords you like and have a look at the competition for these keywords (it should always be low to medium). Brainstorm and try to find some other keywords, enter them into the Google Keyword Tools, repeat.

    If you know how to write articles that Google love, you're good to go

    Let me know how you feel about this?
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    I almost always start with the suggestions that show up as you type - they're mostly based on what real people are typing in and searching for.

    If you want related keywords, scroll down to the end of the first page of results and you'll usually get a list of related keywords which can help inspire you.
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  • For me google search box is the best keyword generator.After finding your keyword you could analyze it through google's keyword tools.
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    Is it true that in this time, google is rank even lower those pages/articles that are heavy in good keywords?
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