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I am a passive reader here on WF, however I got a question about the KeywordSnatcher service.
I just bought membership access, played with a few long tail searches, however overall I am a bit disappointed with this tool (especially after reading all those hypes).

First of all, no matter what long tail keyword I enter the KeywordSnatcher simply never stops looking for/generating new keywords.
I let it run for 4 hours and noticed that it kept suggesting many "broad" searches, far different from my original entered long tail keyword.
I know some people may suggest that this is a good thing, but once you see 20,000 results that you have to analyze.. well you just won't be so excited about it.

My questions:

1) Is anyone here really familiar with this keyword tool to share a few tricks on how to limit the search results?
2) Is there a way to see the approx. number of monthly searches?
3) Is there any feature that would enable "phrase" based searches only, no "broad" ones?

Thank you,
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    You might have better look in submitting a support ticket to them no?
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      I did, no response so far.
      I believe they will eventually get back to me, in the meantime I just thought I'd ask WF members to share their "real" experience with this Keyword Snatcher tool.
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