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I have been reading through an E-Book which has some old information inside relating to affiliate marketing. I have a question as the book itself doesn't answer this...
When doing research into longtail keywords the book suggests searching on google for the "keywords" in quotes, when doing so it says anything under 100k results would be worth time investing to SEO foer that specific keyword. My question is this, it's all well and good that there are 100k results for that keyword in quotes, but taking the quotes away yields alot more results (this is how real people would search) that 100k then becomes 5million without the quotes so would the longtail keywords still outrank all these other search results?
Sorry if I am not making much sense I am very new to this and have alot of time on my hands and want to learn as much as possible to try and make a good go of it.
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    Without the quotes, you will get results that include the negative keywords that are non-relevant to your niche. A 100K result for exact much search is too high. On my part, having 3K and more results from exact much search (with quotes) is already sufficient enough. Just my two cents.
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      Originally Posted by Joe George View Post

      Do oyou know about something, please let me know something about fiverr.
      According to wikipedia "Fiverr, stylized as fiverr, is a global online marketplace offering tasks and services, referred to as 'gigs' beginning at a cost of $5 per job performed, from which it gets its name. The site is primarily used by freelancers who use Fiverr to offer a variety of different services, and by customers to buy those services. It effectively acts as microtask marketplace."
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        Remember though the quality of the keywords is easily as important.

        Try and focus on commercial keywords that will bring you buyers and profit. Ranking for 'buy yellow widgets' may not bring you as much traffic as ranking for 'yellow widgets' but it's likely to bring as much revenue or more.

        One of my first mistakes was too concentrate on just getting as much traffic as possible rather than the quality of traffic. Even a handful of visitors from the right keywords can be profitable.
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