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Hi guys,
I would need to know but I think I know the answer to that.
Do we get more money if clicks come from usa, canada and uk then any other country ?
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    The advertising markets which have a high level of competition are the ones that generally pay the best.

    The three you mentioned have strong competition and also have reasonable volume - I'd also add Australia to that list (it's similar to Canada).

    There are some which are even more competitive like Switzerland, but the overall market size is small - the clicks pay a lot, but there aren't many of them.

    This space will be awarded to the first WSO owner who can prove they make Million$ from their methods.

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    Thank you for the info.
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    If you would have traffic from Bangladesh, or poor countries - click doesn't worth much, cause conversion is lousy, so have traffic from rich countries!
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    For sure its 100% proven that CPC for USA and canada and australia clicks are lot more then of other countries..
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      It makes no difference where they come from. You don't make
      any more money just because you have more US visitors.

      It's all about who clicks. What if nobody in the US clicks?

      People just mix all sorts of stuff up.

      You can have very lousy conversion rates for the US. What then?

      In fact, my conversion rate is actually better for outside the US on
      many days.

      I make quite a bit from Australia, UK, and Canada. I've even
      had some great days from Africa.

      Perhaps you did not know that the majority of people in the world...
      do not live in the United States.

      In fact, run a test. Block all countries except the US. See where
      that gets you.

      The internet is global.

      This has nothing to with a site built especially for Americans. That's a
      whole other issue. I'm actually having trouble thinking of a concrete
      example. Many reasons why nonamericans would need "America"
      info and products.

      You people seem to think that Jaba The Goatherder in Bumfool,
      living in a cave, no running water, no electricity, is somehow
      just surfing the internet...


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    Conversion rate is not what the main reason it effects your earning.
    It's based on the competition of the niche and advertiser.

    It's no different on a Galaxy Tab Version 4 have 100 bidder, and Galaxy Tab Version 1 have 10 bidder. Hope you get the picture.
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