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Hi warriors,

Please help me to get rid of the confusion..:confused:

I am recently working on a project where I have to use Ahrefs, Majestic SEO and Moz Site Explorer & Backlink Checker and prepare a competitor analysis report.

Now, my client has asked me a simple question but I do NOT know how to answer it in a simple way that he will understand (He has almost no idea about internet marketing or SEO) and I do NOT want to misguide him....

His question is: (When I was showing him the presentation)

Does Google take all these metrics like SEOMoz rank, Majestic Trust Flow or Citation, Ahrefs Rank, Ahrefs domain rank etc. into consideration while ranking a particular website????.. :confused:

If YES: Then How?

If NO: Why I need this data? Are they important or just show off ???

Any Advice.... How to answer this???...

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    If you don't know the answer to that, I'm not sure you should be taking on clients.

    The answer is no. Google does not use any of that information.

    And I'm not sure why you would bother talking about any of that stuff with a client anyhow, especially one who knows little about internet marketing.
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    Simply NO! Google has a special algorithm to rank websites.

    ahrefs, moz ... just help you to understand how you can rank and analyze your website! And Google algorithm doesn't take it in consideration.

    I'm thinking about your client, He ask you a trap Question! Maybe to know if your are good in this domain or not!

    I'm just thinking ..
    Believe in your Dreams :).
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    Google does not use these data but you check competitors site because they are doing well in your industry. Ahrefs, Majestic SEO and Moz Site Explorer, all these tools tell you where you competitor is doing to rank in Google. By analyzing these data, you should create your marketing strategies.
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    Simple logic would tell you that it's extremely unlikely. Google has been building their algorithm for years and they've got unbelievable R&D budgets. They've got exactly zero reason to use this kind of data from other companies.

    Why were you showing anything to a client if you don't know what it means? Where did you get the reports from? Some of the services do a fairly good job with explaining their reports so you need to start from there, but you need to understand the big picture before going in front of a client.

    It's not a trick question. This is the sort of stuff you need to explain to every other client.
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    Google doesn't use 3rd party data (ahrefs, etc...) but Google does look at those same links (and more...) that 3rd party is finding. If the backlink page has a Google cache & showing the followed backlink, that's all the proof you need that Google has found the backlink.
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    Don't you feel embarrassed by the fact you don't know this and yet present yourself as someone who can offer SEO services? Is there no shame?
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      Google is the master and rest of the world is assumption. Yes you need all those stuff to tell your client to believe you are doing something miracle OR to sell sites. I believe your client knows that his site need to be ranked in first page of google for chosen keywords. If you show him that result thats enough!
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