Does Google Count the 2nd & 3rd Anchor Text?

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Hey guys,
I have a question for the advanced SEO's in here.

Let's say you have a page that links to the same URL more than once but with different anchor text each time.

For example:

Anchor 1 – Dog Training
Anchor 2 –
Anchor 3 – Doggy Trainer

As you can see anchor 1 is targeting the keyword, anchor 2 is just a naked URL and anchor 3 is the brand name.

My question is, does google nowadays takes into consideration the second & third anchor text or does it ignore them?

I remember SEOMoz once published a study that google refers only to the first anchor text and ignores the rest, but this was back in 2012, has this changed since then?

The reason I'm asking this is because of pillowing, I have many links that are built like that and I was wondering if it provides some pillowing.
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