ahrefs is this the best site?

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So starting my SEO journey and was pushed into this site.


Is this the best option for looking at site setups? or any cheaper ones around?
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    There are others but Ahrefs is my psersonal favorite.
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    Ahrefs is the Best Site.
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    ahrefs, opensite explorer and majestic SEO, all are good. you can check your backlinks and find the low quality links.
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    Ahrefs is the best backlink checker I've tried. The user interface helps you to get to the data, and its very easy to get stats on the links. I do like Majestic's flow metrics more than Ahrefs scores, though.
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      I love ahrefs, but I've recently found
      couple free alternatives:

      They both have drawbacks, but cool thing is u don't have to pay. The only thing I do with backlinks is just checking if they are on the place for several sites and I don't need features like pdf export and stuff. The need to pay for ahrefs limited plans makes me feeling like an idiot. It's such a simple thing that it should be free
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    I prefer MajesticSEO, it gives me better data each time even tho I was Ahrefs fan before, but now completely transferred to Majestic, get a silver plan for $50/mo.
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    +1 for Ahref's

    Always does the job for me. Then again, I dont do a major amount of SEO works anyway.
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      I'm assuming you're looking for a backlink checker, AHrefs is my personal favorite.

      I also use it in conjunction with Open Site Explorer.
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        Both are great, ahrefs and majesticseo, use both to get better results, you combine the results and get a clear list, some links you can see only in ahrefs, another links you can see in majesticseo
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    Ahrefs is the best of the backlink checkers without a doubt.

    Majestic's interface is clunky and unfriendly, and they add a lot of arbitrary data points to suggest they have more meaningful data when they don't.

    I would also say that Majestic pads their backlink data by including URLs that don't actually exist. I don't think they do this intentionally but it goes to show the lack of familiarity they have with their own toolset to not notice it.

    Finally their data seems to be much older and out of date when compared to ahrefs.
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  • MajesticSEO and SEO SPyglass are two of my favorites. They are simple to use, and provide a lot of information. I wouldn't say that ahrefs is the best.
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    Ahrefs is good but now i have switched to MoonSearch. It is a good tool.
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    I've tried majesticseo, ahrefs, and opensitexplorer (premium), my favorite is ahrefs. Their results are usually the most accurate out there.
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    yes... it is one of the best seo tool
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    Ahrefs website is a detailed backlinks checker and it provides some graphical representation on how your keyword phrase behave on the web. Backlinkwatch is also an alternative way to explore your links as well as your competitors.
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    Ahrefs is the best in terms of checking backlinks - but you need some other tool to check on-page SEO elements.
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