Do link indexers worth it right now?

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Some time ago I read that it doesn´t matter how many backlinks you build if google never google find them is a waste of time or money.. but if you build 10 ebacklinks but google index them is the key...I am thinking to invest in a backlinks indexer service What do you guys think? Its worth the money?.

Please share your opinion...
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    No you don't have to pay money for an indexing service. Using a pinging service like pingler and sharing your content on Google Plus should get your post indexed quickly.
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    Thanks for the answer...but what about 1000 worth it to buy a index service...
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    • Ah... The age old question of Indexing vs crawling. I think the best way to find out is to do a test on both. Indexing services can be useful but also it can also give you away or mistaken for spamming, on the other hand building backlinks to your backlinks can also be synergistic but you might be looking at a lot of work to do. Social Sharing might helpful in the long run.
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    If you need to force google to index your backlinks then they probably aren't worth having.

    If your baclkink is from a quality source, Google will eventually get round to indexing it.

    However sometimes if I want a backlink I have created indexed quickly, I usually share the page with the link on Facebook, Google plus, and twitter, then build 10 blog comment backlinks to that link.

    Hope I helped You
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    You have certainly heard about this many times but, it persistently comes back to content. If your content is great then people will like, love and share it. It’s a chain reaction… once people like what you do, they will link back, even if only for reference purposes and then you’ll get your backlinks.

    There is a saying which states: “Websites do not link to other websites, they link to other people’s work.”

    Building backlinks and authority of your website is a long and winding road and it takes a lot of work and a very long time to get there.

    However, don’t pay too much attention to backlink counts or other metrics provided in the Internet as they are a hugely inaccurate gauge of your true statistics, and are usually misleading.

    Google knows this and therefore backlink count is only one of many parameters their algorithms take into consideration. In my opinion, there is no need for an indexing service.
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    No, if your links aren't worth indexing naturally than sending thousands of spam links to it won't help much either.

    Indexing services are a waste of time unless you are a heavy spammer in which you can just index the links yourself.
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