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Hello All,

About a year ago, I used this great website review tool online.
It did a scan of a website and gave scores for all fields on the left hand side, for example, Social Media 1.2 etc etc... and made a pretty PDF.

It was called something like..
Moon Fruit?
Fruit Moon?
Blue Fruit?
Moon Glow?

I cannot remember for the life of me, any ideas people?

(p.s The 'scan' process had a grey static background when crawling with spiders)
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    Just for all of you who were curious. It's called SiteBeam and it's awesome.
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    What do you use this for? Prospective clients?
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    hmm interesting website but I like in this case.

    However, this one looks like it has more features.
    Want ASM 2014? contact me
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    It perfect for initial client reviews and as an occasional report. Enjoy all
    *Realizes he should probably have an affiliate link*
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