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Anyone got some good suggestions for a good AdSense theme. Currently I have a default theme on my blog, but I want to install AdSense and start marketing it. I have no idea on what theme to install. Preferably a free one as funds are limited. I would like a three column.
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    Try Socrates. I like it because it really makes it easy to set you adsense blog. I have full licence and I use it for various niche blogs.
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    Thanks Project.

    Tim Pears

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    Look for...
    • Small zip file size on the WP theme, the smaller the file the less source code clutter.
    • Simple looking themes with no distracting theme images.
    • Place Adsense ads next to obvious call-to-actions (ex: optin forms, social links, comment form submit button, etc...).
    • Top/left & top/center was always good CTRs for me.

    If I was building a new Adsense site I would go with an all white page with default dark blue Adsense text link color.

    Think Google SERP colors & simplicity. Google has invested millions in Google SERPs appearance & monetized that style for years.
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    Customize veryplaintxt - been using it since 2005 and it has performed better than any other theme we have tried. Just make sure you have some good plugins like HeadSpace, Dagon site maps, SEO smart links, etc.

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    We have many websites and use AdSense on most of them. You need to test a lot. Slight changes in position and text color can make a big difference on click through rate. Do not eliminate unorthodox colors. We have had great success with black links on one of our websites because the navigation links are black as well.

    Use Google’s suggestions and then test your own combinations.
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    The number of clicks you get is more or less entirely dependent on what niche you're in.

    But to optimise clicks, make sure you have an ad at the top and one at the start of your content. Ads don't have to be big - even text links get good clicks in good niches.
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