Can you still make some money with Adwords and Amazon?

by dancoc
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Can you still make some money with Adwords and Amazon? I know click are more expensive today, but is anyone still doing some money out of this method. I want to invest something in it because I see the SEO thing a waist of time.
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    I would agree that relying on Google (and Bing and others to some extent) is not the way to go. AdWords is PPC; you're buying traffic. It can work, but as you say there is a lot of competition. The people that succeed here generally have some money to burn through, so that they can test and tweak their campaigns to maximum profitability. However, when starting out, I would personally prefer to stick to other networks such as 7Search where it is easier to price down your CPC.

    Regarding Amazon, I don't have a huge amount of experience here, but you can certainly make money with Amazon. However, the people that I know of that make serious money with Amazon are the ones selling their own products (physical products). You can succeed in the Kindle store too, but I would have to outsource the writing; it can be hit-and-miss. You can make a strong income if you work the numbers game, though. Promotion is highly important though; it's not set-and-forget.

    As for Amazon affiliates... I don't think you will make a huge amount of money simply being an affiliate. The commission rates are a little meager and I think this sort of income should be no more than supplementary.
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      If there's competition, there's money to be made. In fact, I won't put my effort into a niche unless the competition level is fairly high. I know that a lot of people are teaching others to target low competition niches but in my experience, a low competition business usually comes with a low income opportunity as well. You just need to figure out how to beat or work around that competition. I know that I say this a lot but it's one of the truest things that I can offer. The key to online success is learning to advertise or hiring someone to advertise for you.

      Wishing you much success,
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        Originally Posted by Wealthyclark View Post

        If there's competition, there's money to be made.
        With regards to Google Adwords, I disagree. I personally know of some medium to large businesses (over several million in revenue annually) That just throw money at Adwords simply because they have the budget to and they drive up the keyword costs just because they can. They look at Adwords as creating awareness and will often just send the traffic right back to their homepage. They just use it as a tool to dominate the front page.

        Google "Amazon." You will see Amazon as the first organic search result and the first paid listing. Why would Amazon pay when they're already showing up in the #1 organic space? Because they're not looking at Adwords from a ROI standpoint, they're looking at it from a awareness standpoint, and are willing to pay whatever it takes to dominate the front page.
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    I wouldn't use Adwords to promote anything. They have ripped me off time and time again.
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