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Hi Warriors,

Keyword in domain is very powerful from an SEO point of view. Problem is that a lot of the good ones are gone! If you add a word onto the end of your keyword do you lose any power? For instance, if you want to target the keyword "chicken recipe" and the corresponding domain is gone would be as powerful as from an SEO point of view?


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    I was looking to buy a domain that had the keyword I needed. Bugger wanted 1800.00 British pounds for it. Instead I just used my keyword and added "blog" to the name. So far I'm sailing to the top and have already passed his domain. Thing is, his was a parked blog, with nothing on it but a web search, so maybe if and when he decides to start doing SEO work it will be a battle.

    I can say that - at least for my niche - there are plenty of sites with my keywords using a Z as opposed to an S (i.e. and they seem to be ranking fine. My conclusion is that I don't think you have much issue by adding "review" or "blog" or any other suffix/prefix to the name - as long as the keyword is there somewhere.

    I could certainly be wrong here, but this is my experience.
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    I don't think it will have a huge impact if your domain name doesn't contain the exact keyword as said by Peter as well. But, I would suggest that you append anything AFTER the keyword instead of appending it before the keyword to maximize the potential.
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    Great responses. Thank you. This confirms my suspicions based on watching other sites in the SERPs. Reopens a whole lot of new doors that I previously thought were closed! If I could just remember all the great keywords I have previously tossed to the side...



    Not trying to sell you anything :-)

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    I think it could make things more diluted from an SEO point of view in the short term but overall I wouldn't worry about it too much, Google is pretty smart and will know what your site is about.
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    Well from SEO point of view keyword in domain is obviously very much important and that is for sure the bad part that these main keywords are already taken but you can take a part of your keyword and use it in your domain. It's not that much effective obviously but still it is. You can even include the main keyword in some of your titles and always include your post/article's main keyword in your title as well. That is also important and good from SEO point of view.
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      Adding a non specific word to the end such as 'site' or 'central' lets you use your keyword without detracting any value from it.
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    I added a non specific word to the beginning of the keyword. Damn, I could have thought aboout that. Does it have a big effect on my ranking?

    Or doesn't it really matter ?
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    It's going to help you a lot if your extra keyword has something to do with the niche you're entering, for example if it's baseball something like bat or cap might benefit.

    Just something that makes sense to the niche and that Google would kind of expect to see.

    Does that make sense?
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    The problem is that I have put the word "my" at the beginning of my domain name. So it now looks mydomainname rather than domainnamemy. Is this a major problem and will it be more difficult for me now to rank higher ?

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    It's not a problem and it will not hurt you. Just concentrate on the content and backlinks.
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