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Hi warriors, a few days back, Google made the official tutorial series on Google AdSense available for publishers. If you haven't understood AdSense yet or if you want to learn more about optimizing AdSense for its optimal performance, then you must consider this series of tutorials. Tutorials are available in video and text (PDF) and there are a few questions at the end of each tutorial too which will help you in understanding the unit perfectly. I'm not finding any thread regarding this, so I'm posting it with you. You can access the tutorials here:

I hope you will find some good info there. For new publishers, it is a must. I have gone through first two units and found the content helping. I don't know what gurus (sitting here at WF) will say about these tutorials, but I'm confident that after going through all units, I'll learn some good things about AdSense which I never knew
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    Hilarious - careful you don't actually get lots of traffic one day, and optimize so well you actually make some great money, with a high CTR.

    Then they ban you. ******* joke.

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