Any difference? I plan to use sub domain for one blog spot blog..

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as we know blog spot itself , domain etc owned by google...

traffic wise maybe..not so good? in term like not yours.private domain..

I plan to use sub domain for this blog ...will it helps on traffic???

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    we just moved all our blogs to the main url

    blog.domain.tld to domain.tld/blog

    this is why

    if your domain gets PR or if your Blog does subs don't share the PR juice

    so blogs are good for link juice on a sub, since any sub is a different domain technically

    you could have literally 1000+ blogs on subs and everyone is different to the SE's

    so it depends on what you want

    we use subs a lot, for geo's


    so each geo we can sell off to local users a monthly residual income thing

    we still have some of them, but now we like to sell our work not monthly on a sub, we prefer to get paid every CTA

    so it depends, subs are good an bad
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