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I have an SEO question tied to subdomains

Lets say I have a site sightseeing.com and I want to have a wordpress site geared towards sight seeing in San Diego - and I created sandiego.sightseeing.com. And in that subdomain would be its own wordpress instance etc.

Is there any benefit or detriment from an SEO perspective in doing this? Is it worth it?

My end goal would be to roll out similar cities over time and keep it clean so that one city isnt combined with others etc. Does this make sense? Would you recommend something else?

As always thanks!
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  • In my experience sandiego.sightseeing.com ranks better than sightseeing.com/sandiego, but a subdomain is also treated like a individual site making it harder to build your authority.

    I have done both methods in mass. Much depends on the amount of content you can supply, and how often it is updated. For slim content I just use directories, if I know there will be a constant stream of content (Even if it is from RSS feeds, API content, or etc), I sometimes use the subdomain route.
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      I have heard the same thing: it's preferable to have a subdomain vs. a subdirectory.
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    Thank you for the replies - I have been thinking about this the last few days.

    I think I will do the subdomains as recommended.

    In my example above sightseeing.com is a forum just like this with 350-400 uniques a day.

    If I wanted to drive that number higher and be able to push that traffic to the forums or the subdomains, would articles in a wordpress site in a directory be the best way?

    My reason for the directory (versus a subdomain etc) would be to take advantage of the authority the domain current has etc The articles would be based on good keyword research and pertain to the sites focus. I have made major tweaks to the forum to be more SEO friendly but the Vbulletin software is only but so good and finding good vBulletin SEO guys is hard, thats why I was thinking of building traffic through wordpress also.

    Hope this makes sense, and I have learned a ton from this group.
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