Adwords 2nd Page- Is It Better Than One Might Think?

by sree94
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When I first decided to buy Adwords, I started with a $20 a day budget, and let me tell you, I was cleaning house. Days with less than $100 were rare. To be honest, I have no idea where I was positioned, since I really had no idea what I was doing.

Since then, I have increased my budget in a big way, but am not really seeing much of a return. So I'm wondering, is there actually an advantage to being on page 2 in the Adwords results? Here is the potential benefit I see: if you are targeting a product related keyword, people are more likely to dig deeper on Google for it, and thus, more likely to click on an ad that's on page 2.

Obviously, you will sacrifice some clicks, but the ROI could be much better

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    The advantage, as you are finding out, is that the few who go to the second page are digging deeper. You will get a lot less impressions because only a small percentage of people dig deeper. As with SEO, it's better to be on the first page to maximize impressions.

    Since you are doing well on page two, why don't you target your ads to be at the bottom of page one? You may not have to increase CPC all that much. You need to figure out your position sweet spot. It could indeed be at the top of page 2 but your ROI will be maximized once you know for sure.
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    I will try that, although being able to drastically cut my CPC is very attractive to me
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  • You could also expect that people who do not buy on the first page also will not buy on the second page. They are not ready for buying.
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      Originally Posted by affiliated survivor View Post

      You could also expect that people who do not buy on the first page also will not buy on the second page. They are not ready for buying.
      I think that's a partial perspective...

      I think the first page can be alot like window shopping, especially the top positions (1-4)...

      Alot of these people are just semi interested browsers...

      People looking on the second page are going deeper...

      They have a clearer idea of EXACTLY what they want and they're willing to put in the time and effort to find it as they're demonstrating by delving deeper into the search results...

      From experience these positions have converted very nicely for me.

      But end of the day like almost every good marketing question the only REAL answer is that every niche is different so TEST, TEST, TEST
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    Yes, particularly with high cost/high traffic keywords, this is a really good strategy to test out.

    One huge component of ROI for each keyword is keyword position. You might get a much higher ROI with a much lower keyword position. Really depends, but needs to be tested.

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