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First off let me say that I love to learn, self taught in many ways on a variety of things, if I see a good resource I will read as much as I can. Learning SEO is important to me for sevral reasons. One major one is I want to increase my revenue on my sites so that I can hire a good resource to assist with SEO at some point. But I want to know good SEO to know if the expert does quality work.

My point of view is that an expert can help lift traffic which will help with even more revenue. I have asked several questions in here and been provided with a lot of good advice, I read most every thread in this subforum through out the day and I try to keep up with things. There is always the question of what should SEO service or an expert cost, etc. and much of the advice is learn SEO first - I agree.

My question to the forum is, beyond this forum where else do you point people so that we can learn quickly. It seems there are so many conflicting points of view or disagreements on different topics. I want to know legit techniques and nothing shady, seems like SEO is an area fraught with "experts" willing to take your money and screw you with the next Google algorithms.

But are there some sites that for the most part are some of the best sources that have a blog or site like Yoast, etc? I dont mind asking questions but sometimes I dont even know what to ask, but a good website etc will help me to learn more so I can ask the questions.

Thanks - sorry for the long winded plea for help!
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    Hey Brian:
    Have you subscribed to Alex Becker or Mike Long's email list? These guys LIVE SEO, and they test it with their thousands of SEO sites. So, whatever they do seems to be working now.

    Of course, these guys charge to be a member of their community but they put out videos regularly (at least Becker does) about the latest in SEO. Beker's site is source-wave.com if you want to get on his list.

    As you know, SEO is dynamic based on what Google thinks is "natural" looking, and this is where the testing that Alex Becker and Mike Long (Greg Morison) does is invaluable.

    Good luck with your SEO expert search.

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    You've come to the right place . WarriorForum has helped me learn many new things in different areas of expertise related to online marketing.

    SEO is about doing many things (obviously ONpage in place) but also Offpage as well. PM me and I can send you some examples to get you headed in the right direction.
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    Patt Flynn's Niche Site Duel helped me a lot starting out. I also referred to Joseph Archibald. Google both of those people. Good concepts on how to protect your money site. Now I just focus on my own Private Blog Network because it's my belief that there's nothing more powerful than having high authority, relevant sites pointing to you.

    The way I continue to learn now is by dissecting websites and figuring out exactly what they are doing. This way you learn what is actually working. For example, I'll think of a somewhat popular item and search for it. Let's say BlueWidgets. If I see an affiliate site ranking on the first page I'll analyze them through SEMRush to get an idea of the traffic coming to the site and what keywords they are going after. I'll also look at how much content is on the page, how well they have structured it and what affiliate programs they are in. I'll also put them in MajesticSEO and look for any backlink patterns.

    After all of this I'll get an idea of what it would take to rank for a particular term or set of terms. I have a forumla that I used to estimate how much money I can generate from a particular term based on my average CTR, Conversions, and sales data. I just repeat the process dissecting different niches and leanring what techniques are working.
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