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Hi Warriors,

I was wondering which keyword suggestion tools you use to develop a comprehensive keyword excel sheet. I think I've run the gamut, usally settling on the Google Keyword Tool. I'm just curious what you guys prefer.
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    If you prefer to do everything manually then use google keyword tool. I prefer to use long tail pro for all my keyword research. It helps to find the high CPC, high volume, low competitive keywords within a hour. Long tail pro requires the login details of google keyword tool and moz api for keyword research.

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      Thanks! Yea I was using long tail pro for a while. I forget why I stopped. I think there was some other tool that took me away from it. Do you find that it's suggestions are helpful? I vaguely remember it being insufficient. Now, I wish I would have wrote down exactly why that is. I'll check it out tomorrow. Thanks for reminding me.

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    If you are interested in paid tools, try or Otherwise, keep using keyword planner (it's the best free keyword research tool available).
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    I think "longtailpro" is enough. you can also try "Uber Suggest Tool" .
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