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Hey Warriors,
Any tips on driving traffic to this website: Antioxidant Supplements Store | The largest selection of Antioxidant Supplements, Information and Articles to help you reach your optimum health!
Site's been well made, just needs the traffic to lift sales.
Will appreciate any useful tips. Cheers
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    You can get traffic to your site using social media , forums,blogs, directory submission and other SEO tools.
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      Originally Posted by davidblack View Post

      You can get traffic to your site using social media , forums,blogs, directory submission and other SEO tools.
      i agree with you guys.this tools is very useful in doing SEO ...
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    Traffic is the most important thing for any website. Simply for getting more traffic you have to promote your website on the internet. The best way to to get visitors to your website is SEO and social media marketing. You can make use of social media networks for promotion of your website and it is good enough to provide more traffic to your website. Use off page SEO techniques it helps you for getting quality traffic to your website.
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      use all social meda site for more trafic.
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    1. good content added regular + inside link structure
    2. content distributed to social media channels
    3. focus on related websites to distribute content (forums, niche websites)
    4. Repeat the process.
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    If you have relevant content, keywords and valuable links then your website could rank easily. Also traffic increases gradually with your constant efforts. So keep putting your efforts in creating valuable content, social media forums , socializing etc.
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    With social media like facebook, twitter get best traffic..
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    A great option you might want to consider Raasta is list marketing. You see, what makes list marketing so effective is the fact that you get to market your opportunities to people that are actually interested in what you have to offer. Also you don't have to wait for a response. Great sites that you might want to check out are ones like. - The best email marketing provider for solo ads
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    if your looking for a genuine traffic then i suggest you to go with google adwords with optimized keywords surely it will help your site and keyword position rank aswell
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    Trafic is easy (I learned my lessons hehe)
    For traffic you just buy it, paid advertising is the way to go.

    The problem is conversion, how do you convert this traffic to prospect to sales

    1- You need a real great sales funnel
    2- For that you need awesome copywriting skills

    So that's it, theses 2 things make moneys like crazy.

    Sight... i got to do a small WSO lol
    Stop Struggling With Your Website and Marketing
    30$ / task, pay after done!
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    For new websites PPC ads in Bing and Google Adwords are the best ones to get some traffic and sales. If you are low on budget try small PPC networks like 7search, clicksor etc. Link building will take atleast few months to get you the free organic results. You can promote your site in social media sites like facebook. You can do PPC ads in facebook too. You can try Video marketing also to promote your products.

    Having Monthly traffic of above 50,000 visitors but low CTR and RPM in Google Adsense ? Give me a chance to fix your adsense income. Pay me once and earn more income life long. Check out my profile as an Adsense Optimization Freelancer in Upwork

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    I would suggest Paid Marketing. Use Facebook or Google ads Campaines. It will suddenly gives you huge traffic.
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    Stampede people like we used to stampede cattle!

    --- Do not correct a fool, or he will hate you! Correct a wise man, and he will appreciate you --- '(◣_◢)'

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      Continue to write and post unique but quality content. Join forums related to you product that allow signature links, create your signature and become a respected participant of the forum. This will help with direct traffic as well as getting the search engines to notice your content.

      If you have the funds I also suggest PPC, or any other form of paid advertising that generates truly interested visitors to your website.

      Wishing you much success,
      Now Accepting All Countries! Earn $5.10 Per Free Referral, Totally Free To Participate!
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    you can use this Techniques:
    1.Forum posting
    2.Blogging media bookmarking on high pr sites
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    Before proceed to off-page construct proper on-page set up then do off-page activities like Forum posting, Directory submission, Social bookmarking, Blog commenting and infographic submissions etc..

    You will get better traffic..
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    try facebook ads
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    Optimize your content through social media. Then you will get very good traffic from social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in, Google Plus.... Social media sites are playing major role in optimizing a website in current Google trends.

    Reddy Sekhar Reddy.
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    Social media would be a good option.
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    Create good quality content,SMO, Off page - SEO Forum posting,Blog post,Web 2.0, get back links on high pr site.
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