How to search for good keywords?

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How do I go about searching for good keywords? I've used Google's AdWords Keyword tool in the past to search for keywords and their estimated search volume- but I'm just wondering if there's a newer and better way to conduct keyword research. Could anybody point me to some resources?

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    market samurai. But you need adwords login details once you are into market samurai.
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    I've been trying out Jaxxy. Seems pretty good but I don't have a clue where they're getting their data from. The only thing I could find was them vaguely saying they get it from a variety of search engines (including bing and google) and then they massage it to give what they believe are realistic numbers.
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    keyword reserch is most important part in SEO. So pick the potential keywords using google adwords, google trends , highest bidding keywords, most relevance of our page. This is major things should be consider in mind.
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    You can use market samurai but Google ad word keyword tool , is not bad , just select perfect keywords by monthly search and competition, also , you can search your desire keywords on google to check its popularity.
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    Read this article, it will help a lot on how to find keywords..

    21 SEO Techniques You Can Use Today to Get More Search Engine Traffic

    Just focus on low competition keyword..
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    In my accordance Google AdWords is best,
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    To perform a perfect keyword research, I think you should use two or three good tools like

    1.Google adwords
    2.Open Site Explorer
    3.Market Samurai

    I am going to tell you how I perform my keyword Research. At first I get keyword ideas and see the search volume from Adwords, then I check those keywords with Open Site Explorer to find out keyword difficulty. I mean competition. Then I select the low competition keywords from there and put them on Market samurai to check my competitors condition.

    You can try this
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    Try these methods for good kewords:
    • Write your main business keyword in Google search box, you can find that in a drop down Google itself suggests some relevant keywords. So include relevant keywords in your sheet.
    • Google also suggests some more relevant keywords at the bottom of each search, so select your niche keywords from there and add in your sheet.
    • Search your top competitors and select keywords relevant to your business and add them in your sheet.
    • Try to know the terms related to your business. Select relevant keywords and add them in your sheet.
    • Now put all keywords in Google Keyword Planner Tool and find competition and local & global searches of each keyword.
    • Now Select keywords that are most relevant to your business, low competitive and high search volume.
    Hope it may help to get good keywords.
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    you can try "wordstream" "wordtracker"
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    Well, go to the Google Keyword Planner tool that is just enough to help you with choosing the best suitable keyword for your site. Rest all other tools stated above can't yield you result other than the Google Planner tool, to OP think it like this I am sure that you know well that google is trying to push its products to the marketers we all are trying to rank ourself in the Google SERPs majorly means the Google Keyword planner too is going to work more effectively than the other .... tools stated above. Rest I'll leave the choice to you.
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    Well i must say Alexa is one of a good sources to help to find some good keywords. Search your competitors details over alexa and there you would find some good keywords along with their percentage through which most of their users use to visit those sites. It is actually a good source to find keywords that your competitors are optimising their sites.
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    me too use google adwords for finding keywords just work on it for more time with real time thoughts then you will get very good keyword ideas
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      Use Google Keyword tool, along with Long tail pro and Traffic Travis.
      Actually keyword research is very simple, you just need to know basic stuff such as
      1. No. of websites having optimized titles and url
      2. Links to the page and domain
      3. Do they have any .edu or .gov links
      4. Are there any niche sites ranking?
      5. What the average pagerank and site age?

      These stuff is easily accomplished by LTP and TT. Do remember to use buyer keywords while researching and most importantly, don't go after eCommerce keywords.
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    This is best guide for keyword research you can find best keywords The Definitive Guide to Keyword Research
    Prospring launch offering a 100 Million in Prizes and stacks of benefits each week.

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    Google Keyword tool plus your brain. For instance, if you search for "truck bed covers" add denver and see what you get: a gold mine.
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    Hi Ryan: I found this thread because I purchased keyword spinner recently and wondered how it all fit into keyword research--whether people had additional ideas. Using keyword planner is limited, according to this product, because of the keywords that Google doesn't tell you. You need to generate all possible long-tailed keywords associated with your niche keyword--that's what the spinner does. Then you put up to 1K or 3K of these keyword phrases at a time (forgot which is the limit) into keyword planner to get monthly search volume and indication of competition. The strategy makes sense because you don't want your site competing only with high competition keywords, No, low competition keywords are better, right? I also use the list that is only the bottom of the first page, as someone indicated above, to get ideas to put into keyword planner; and also as you're typing the words into a Google search, the phrases that are generated then too. The keyword spinner was offered by Andy Black. It was interesting reading this thread, so thank you for asking the question.
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