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I'm sort of new to PPC marketing and started a small campaign selling a Clickbank product (affiliate).

It started well, with 52 clicks and 5 sales on Friday.

I then increased the daily budget and over the last two days (Saturday and Sunday) I got 252 clicks and no sales.

That is obviously a huge difference in coversion rates and I am at a loss why the weekend traffic did not convert?

Can it be that Clickbank had problems recording sales over the last 48 hours or is weekend traffic perhaps not so profitable?

Any ideas are welcome!

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    I have recently read on a couple of forums that clickbank is playing games to pocket the hard earned money of people like you. You better beware and try to buy your own product (affilaite) and check if the sales shows.
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    Heard they now and then had some recording problems sinds nov 2008.

    I only promote one product seo based with them and sale rates are very different - sometimes 3 a week then not 1 for 3 weeks in a row.

    I know it is a risk to lose money with PPC but perhaps you should change the product for a CJ product or so and see if the conversions are still down?

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      Hi Hein,

      I can confirm what the previous guys said. I'm not sure what are they doing there but they defenetly have problems with tracking.

      About the conversion rate. There could be several problems:
      1/ are you advertising on content network? if so, your ad might have showed on different sites after you have increased your bids.
      2/ If you are advertising on search, look at the number of impressions you had in the past days when you have increased your budget. maybe it was a drop of traffic that days and the clicks you got were because you had showed in better position?

      Hope it helps.
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    It could be that Clickbank is cheating you (I have seen posts about this before) Or you decided to bid higher in PPC, resulting in higher ad placements. Higher ad placements usually get unnecessary clicks, resulting in little to no conversions. I remember I had an ad at position 1 of yahoo PPC. It got a lot of clicks, but no coversions. When it was in position 6-8, it got less clicks but it pulled in 3 leads.
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