Is FindArticles.Com PR9??

by Astron
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Did you know this? I can't believe my eyes.. I think I will start to use it, and not just EzA.
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    The tool I used does indeed say it is PR 9. I am not seeing where they accept articles. Maybe I'm missing it.
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      Being as they are a PR9, I find it hard to believe that they would let just any average Joe come and throw up their article. I couldn't find any links but I'm really wanting to do that are well now. If you find the link to submit to them, please share?
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        They are PR9 because they are a part of CBS Interactive. You must be a member to submit stuff. In the upper right corner click the login link, above the login form click the "join now" button. I don't belong so I can't tell what they accept, but the site is CBS Business net and CBS Money Watch. Membership gives access to their business library. If this is your niche, it could be valuable.

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    Thank you Lawrh! I noticed the CBS link all over and their logos, so I assumed but never got much into it because the kids are running wild. I'm going to sign up at some point, if all else, its free reading
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      I was curious about this myself, and thought I would leave a comment here for the next people that search for details on this. is an aggragator, and they get their articles from other sources. In their FAQS to the question how do I submit an article they state:

      "The articles and publications you see in the BNET Business Library search feature are provided to us by large content aggregators.

      Unfortunately, we regret that we are unable to accept independent article submissions."

      Basically you submit an article there just like you do to any major publication: you either get invited to do so, or you beg and have the reputation and credentials or perceived expertise to back it up.

      It is for those interested in publishing real professional quality articles only, not for seo purposes. (note there are no links in articles)


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