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Ok So my understanding of backlinking is

articles,releases,etc link to -----> Web 2.0 pages which then link-------> to my Main page

Excluding on page and keywords etc this is how the basic flow goes?

I believe this would be 2 tier backlinking correct?
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    No idea, i don't do tiered link-building and i don't think its safe or works like it used to in the past.

    Why not try to grab some high PR links and point them directly to your main page. That works wonders
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    True. Not the best kind of backlinking strategy though but it's good enough. If you build enough links, you might just get somewhere close to the 3rd or 4th page depending on the competition.
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    Thanks guys It's never really said just implied lol. Wanted to make sure I was getting it right.
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    That's what tiered link building is. It's getting riskier, because this is something that's been around for ages and Google certainly knows about it.
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    Yes you are right that is tier link building. But I rather use legit links to be tied on my site rather than those web 2.0. For tier 1 I am building high quality citation from top/authority sites then blast it with web 2.0 for the 2nd tier, then for the 3rd tier I am building wikis, bookmark to be link to my web 2.0. It is more safe for your site.
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    Teddy, that is 2 tiers you have there, and yes that is one way of doing it. It's best to use web 2's with very high DA if you're going to be spamming them. And despite what one of the other posters on this thread has told you, when done right this approach can crush the competition, even in competitive niches. Most people don't do it right though.....
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