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Below following are domain name, with same Ip address If i submitted my website to both these domain is it my site effected kindly let me know thanks.

Domain Name adddirectoryeasy.com
IP Address
Country (hosted in) United States (us)

Domain Name toppopweb.com
IP Address
Country (hosted in) United States (us)
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  • Profile picture of the author Bharathipriya
    Please check with the following things first.
    • Check whether the directory is legit / not penalized by google
    • Check whether your website got approved in both the directions.
    My prediction is to since both of them are from same IP address, your website wont get approved in both. Wait for the results.

    And one more thing, directory submissions are becoming less prominence among search engines. Watch out before you spend more time on it.
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  • Profile picture of the author erikko
    Your listing might not get approved. Email the administrator of the directory to straighten things up.
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  • Profile picture of the author rudradhar
    There will be no penalty for submitting in same IP address site, but the baclink will not be valuable. I would suggest you to submit in only one website.

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  • Profile picture of the author Brenda3
    if these two from the same IP direction your site will not succeed in approved of each . I will suggest you submit to one web page .
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  • Profile picture of the author patco
    I don't think this will affect your website in any way... Otherwise we should CHECK every website where we submit ours if we don't already have another backlink from this IP... Just a few such backlinks won't hurt your website

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  • Profile picture of the author contactforhelp
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    • Profile picture of the author WebStatsO
      You might have to file a report so you can have an apeal from the directory site.
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  • Profile picture of the author webdevpro
    Submit to both as you don't know which one is going to accept your link. If the owners of those are same, let them to decide whether to put your site on both dirs or just one. Better to read their terms as sometimes they may not allow to submit to both (a rare case).
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  • Profile picture of the author sonia321
    Stop doing Dir submissions concentrate on other tasks I do not think Dir sub is useful now....
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