How do I get my site index?

by redfc
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Hi everyone,

I just create my first site on 18 Jun but until today is has not been index yet by google.

I have tried

1) I put up a link from my blog in my blog was indexed within few hours after I did ping to it and it seems like the spider doesn't follow the link. This method is something I read from someone else blog.

2) I've use google webmaster tool to get my new site verify.
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  • It might take a bit longer than 3 days to get indexed. If your new site is wordpress and has some content on it, it shouldn't take more than a week. It will take quite a while to get good rankings, but if you just fill the site up with content consistently on an ongoing basis, you'll get in there

    I've had sites take up to 2 weeks before to get indexed, but most of the time now my wordpress blogs get in within 5 days.
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    Try ping o matic'ing it. I got it to work, got a new site to indexed without 10 hours.
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      Hi guys,

      just to re-cap, my new site is a minisite selling inforproduct (which is not a blog). And I had an existing blog at blogspot is which well indexed.

      What I did was, I put up a link in my blog pointing to my new site. Then I ping using o'matic just like jlaw6402 mentioned. My blog's new contents appear indexed within 3 hours but not the new minisite.

      I read many posting on the Internet describing this method and this is the first time I'm trying it out. Seem like the ping method works fine for blog.

      It seems like the spider doesn't follow the link in my blog. Anyway, anyone knows what's the different between mini website and blog from google point of view during indexing?

      beats me.

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    PS. and of course BL'ing it would help a lot.
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    List of Ping Services

    Use that list if your blog is based on the wordpress platform. Makes the crawling process a LOT faster!
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    My friend, make sure that in your wordpress blog
    you do the following:

    1. Go to the Privacy tab
    2. Make sure you are searchable on search engines.

    Second, have you submitted your sitemap yet?
    Download the Google Sitemaps plugin and create xml sitemap.

    This should do the trick.
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    warriorforum is a big help on that :p when it comes to pinging tool ..i use blog blaster
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    Originally Posted by redfc View Post

    2) I've use google webmaster tool to get my new site verify.
    That's a good way to be sent to the back of the line. It usually works better to let Google find your new domain naturally.

    My observation recently has been that Google is delaying indexing new domains with certain keywords in them, like 'money', '****' and other common terms for thin affiliate sites, flogs and so forth, for up to 2-3 weeks. I've seen this across 10 domains of my own and I've heard some other people noting the same thing. It's a small sample so it may just be coincidence but I've seen it enough to make me wonder about it.

    To get your new domain indexed you should do the typical methods like pinging, social bookmarking, article submissions and posting a link to it on high activity blogs and forums. And, be patient.
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    If you're not familiar with how some people accomplish getting their web sites submitted to Google quickly, you are going to absolutely love this article.
    You've heard from many people that it can take days, weeks, even months to get indexed by Google. If you have heard that, you're now thinking, "OK man, you must have had a really stressful day at work today and you're now hallucinating that this is possible!".

    If I read this blog title a while ago, I'm sure I would be thinking the same thing as you! Ok, let's move on to how to get indexed by Google within one hour.
    The secret is quite simple. Almost every site in today's Internet world uses the social network sharing buttons.

    f you don't already have one of these on your sites, get one now, just search "Share This" or "Add This" and you will find a ton of web sites that tell you to put a few lines of Javascript code on your web site and it does the rest.

    Ok, so now you have this button added to your web site? Perfect, I would suggest going to a page on your web site that you think will be the most valuable to other users and submit it to a couple of those sites listed in the button.
    We have personally found excellent success with both Digg and Reddit. We launched a web site about 1 or 2 months ago, submitted two links to Digg. We waited about an hour or so and searched Google with keywords that we felt we targeted well and lo and behold there it was, our page was found and indexed with Google. Not only was it found, it was in the top 10!

    Don't just stop here though. Submitting to the above sites will provide you with some quick traffic. It won't last long if people don't like your site. Plus, it won't cause your other pages to be indexed either. It really is just a start.

    he next step is to create an XML sitemap of your content. Once you've done this, create an account on the Google Webmaster Tools. You will need to add your domain and verify your site before continuing. Once you've completed this, add your sitemap that you previously created. Within a few minutes (some times longer), Google will validate your sitemap and queue all of your links to be indexed.

    This of course is not a guaranteed solution to be indexed any faster. But Google certainly seems to crawl your sitemap on a regular basis and check the links. It also checks how often your site is updated, the more frequently it is updated, the more frequently Google will crawl your content!

    It's possible, you should try to perform some kind of daily updates to your site. Ideally if you allow users to comment, hopefully there will be several new comments per day and this will cause your data to be considered new.
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    It takes time to index new website, but using any of the following methods can do the magic fast.
    1. Submit articles to article directories.
    2. blog posting.
    3. social bookmark.
    4. Forum posting,
    5. Ping your content through pingomatic.
    Doing any of the above 'll bring you fast result when it comes to quick website indexing.
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    I am sure, submissions to,, as well as to will help you for FAST index rather than other methods...
    Search Engine Optimization Services in Delray Beach, FL
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    submit to online directories free and paid if you can afford it. then grab this Advanced Search Engine Optimisation & Internet Marketing it'll help you increase your rankings
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    I would suggest But I have used on new site and it was index by next day or even hours later. I haven't used jumptags in a long time but when I did it worked great
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    Social bookmarking site like,,,,article posting is bast method to index faster.
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