GA says I'm getting Impressions. But, low clicks. Why?

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I've got a fairly new site (2 1/2 months). But, one of the pages is ranking on page 5 of Google for a one word keyword that Google Keyword Planner say gets about 40,000 searches a month. Since this inner page has been ranking near the end of page 5 (47 - 51), according to Google Webmaster Tools (I said GA in the title, and here; changed here to correctly say WMT, forgot to change the title of the post) I'm getting between 400-500 Impressions a day. Seems GREAT to me. But, I'm only getting about .5% clicks a day for all of those impressions. And, I've had a couple of days of 0 clicks with over 500 impressions. What gives?

The keyword is for a very common word. But, it's something people buy every day (not necessarily online). I don't want to say the keyword to keep from getting more competition from lurkers. But, the keyword is very common and has a suggested bid in the Google Keyword Planner of $2.28 (I've heard that's not too bad). The Competition does say "Low".

Is this expected? Is everyone's experience that "Low" Competition translates into low number of clicks?

I've research a fair number of articles that talk about how to "optimize" the number of clicks. I'm using words like "best" and "tips", and "how...". In many of these articles, they talk about 5%, 10% or even 20% being what you might expect. But, I don't know if that's once you're on page 1? Or, what other factor go into this. My page is directly talking about the keyword. In fact the title of the page is "Best <keyword>", where <keyword> is the word being searched. So, it's not like they're searching for bread and I'm provided "best sunshine" or something. It's directly related to the keyword. I see responses that say people just aren't looking for your page based on their seach keyword. But, I don't see how that's possible when the keyword is X, and my page is "Best X".

Is it typical that ranking on page 5 returns a much lower number of clicks than ranking on page 5? Even if the number if Impressions is high? Does anyone have any good statistics for what might be the expected CTR percentage for page 1 vs 2 vs 3 vs 4 or 5? Maybe versus CPC? I'm sure the numbers should drop as you get further down the list. But, by how much?

Thanks in advance for any feedback!

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    Why cant you go with PPC??

    You increase your keyword clicks in Google AdWords by choosing more relevant keywords, raising your bid, or strengthening your ad copy.

    When you look at your ad campaigns in the Google AdWords campaign manager, under the keywords tab you will see impression and click statistics for your keywords. Keep in mind that your keywords themselves are not actually getting impressions or clicks. This simply refers to the impressions and clicks of all ads associated with your keywords. So when someone searches your keywords and your ads are triggered, Google calculates impressions and clicks by keyword.

    If you keywords are not generating any clicks, it could simply be that your keywords are not generating enough ads. You’ll know if that is the case, because you won’t see many impressions either. This likely means that your keyword quality score is low or your bid is too low for your keywords to trigger ads. You can improve your quality score by choosing keywords that are more relevant to your ads, adding keywords to your ads, and using search engine optimization to incorporate keywords into your website landing page. If your bid is too low, simply raise your bid to something that is more competitive.

    Another reason your keywords aren’t getting any clicks is that your ad copy isn’t compelling enough. In this case, your keywords are generating plenty of impressions, but your ad copy isn’t inspiring anyone to click on your ads. See the section on how to improve ad copy on this website.

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    Unless you are in the top 3, you are not going to get clicks.

    If you are getting impressions on page 5, it is probably mostly automated impressions (rank trackers, scrapers, etc.) or bad info in WMT.

    Real users do not look at page 5.
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    Yeah..I'm about 90% sure that at least half of my impressions in Webmaster Tools is due to rank trackers.

    I have a few low search terms that show in ~10 impressions/month each. I'm in the top 5 and haven't got a single click yet on any keyword. And there's like 2-3 very small variations in the keyword phrases on each one. One has a space BEFORE the first word in search. I'm positive that's from something entered incorrectly in someone's tracker software.
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    Sadly, the only reason that someone would look at page 5 is if they are searching for some obscure term that no one else is covering in depth. If your keyword is as common as you say, no human user is going to go to page 5.

    On the whole, you get what you pay for.

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    only one soulation you must write kiling title and discriptions more relevent of your products
    definitly more click
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